In Wrocław

Recently again voted the most liveable city in Poland, Wrocław is a great place to stay permanently, but also a very welcoming place for tourist. Especially since during the WSF World Masters 2020, most of the inhabitants will be off on vacation, making the exploration of Wrocław even more pleasurable.


The capital of Lower Silesia is often called the Venice of The East because of the Oder River which cuts through the city so often that Wrocław can boast having a record-breaking 117 bridges. Those of you who enjoy seaside towns and being close to the water at most times, should enjoy Wrocław even more.


It is both a place with a very rich history and a youthful feel about it. With a large percentage of the current population being university students, Wrocław trully embodies the message of its slogan, „The Meeting Place”. There are many spots all around that people love to meet in the evenings to celebrate life.


The locals are friendly and open to different cultures and religions (The Four Denominations District is a real proof of that and also, a must see). Throughout the ages of the city’s 1000 year story, it fell under the control of eight different empires. Until the end of World War II it went by its German name, Breslau.


This diversity in Wrocław’s history is still visible in the stunning architectural landmarks. Just a regular stroll down the Old Town and Ostrów Tumski will give you plenty to look at.


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