As much as it is important to get your best performance in during the championship, meeting good old friends and making new ones along the way is as vital for any Masters Squash-related trip.


During the week in Wrocław we plan to give you a chance to do both. Play squash during the day and celebrate life in the evenings at the official BETARD WSF World Masters 2022 social occasions. Especially for this tournament, we have prepared 4 phenomenal events, during which each participant will surely find something for himself.
We strongly encourage you to have fun together!

But please note that the number of places is limited!

1) MEET AND GREET*. Welcome Reception.

Date: 20/08/2022

Where: Hasta La Vista Sport Center, ul. Góralska 5,  53-610 Wrocław

When: 18:00 – 22:00 

Entry Fee: 20 USD / person

Sign-up and payment: via Tournament Software

Transportation: not provided

Age restrictions: no age restrictions

(*the event can be cancelled in case of insufficient interest)



Allow us to welcome you to the beautiful city of Wrocław in a genteel setting and express just how honoured we feel to be hosting this event. This will be an atmospheric event that allows all participants to get to know the Hasta la Vista Sports Center – the largest squash facility in the world. Running in a nice, relaxed atmosphere, it will have a positive effect on establishing new relationships and acquaintances. Sumptuous „homely set” tables, draft beer and soft music – this is a guarantee of a unique atmosphere and great fun. An event that certainly cannot be missed!




Date: 21/08/2022

Where: Hotel Novotel Wrocław Centrum, ul. Powstańców Śląskich 7-7b, Wrocław

When: 19:00 – 24:00

Entry fee: 54 USD / person

Type: standing party

Transportation: provided by the host

Sign-up and payment: via Tournament Software

Age restrictions: no age restrictions

(formal wear mandatory for all guests)



The official opening ceremony of the WSF World Masters Championships 2022 will be an elegant event of the highest order. A guaranteed unforgettable experience for all in attendance. An exquisite dinner to the rhythms of romantic music and numerous cultural attractions will await the guests.  The elegant setting, interesting people, backstage conversations and a unique atmosphere will make this event memorable. 

3) Players Party*

Date: 24/08/2022

Where: Hotel Wodnik, ul. Na Grobli 28, 50-421 Wrocław, 

When: 20:00 – 24:00

Entry fee: 54 USD / person. 

Type: outdoor party*

Sign-up and payment: via Tournament Software

Transportation: provided by the host

Age restriction: no age restrictions

(*the event can be cancelled in case of insufficient interest, outdoor event dependent on weather conditions)


A picnic event organized in the open air in the immediate vicinity of the atmospheric river Odra, which is a great opportunity to catch your breath after many hours of clashes and competition. The relaxed atmosphere, barbeque and delicious beer (available for purchase on site) encourage meetings and spending time together. The event will be accompanied by the music of a professional DJ with a convivial, festive vibe. It all is a guarantee of many hours of great fun!



Date: 27/08/2022

Where: Hasta La Vista Sport Center, ul. Góralska 5,  53-610 Wrocław






The medal ceremony will take place at the Hasta La Vista Club, on the glass court. All medal winners must be present.


Date: 27/08/2022

Where: Hotel terminal, Dynamic Congress Centre, Ul. Rakietowa 33, 54-615 Wrocław

When: 20:00 – 03:00

Entry fee: 76 USD / person. 

Sign-up and payment: via Tournament Software

Transportation: provided by the host

Age restriction: 18+

(formal wear mandatory)


The official Closing Ceremony of the WSF World Masters Championships 2022, crowning the struggles of players from around the globe. An extremely dignified and elegant event organized in Dynamic Congress Center. Prepared with great care and the highest professionalism – it will certainly be remembered by the participants as an unforgettable evening.

And, as it will be the last evening most of you will be spending in Wrocław, we are not letting you leave without a proper send-off!



The event will open with a ceremonial toast and an exquisite dinner, after which all guests will be able to indulge in champagne fun on the dance floor. Professional setting, catchy music, stylish clothes and decorations

will give the party a refined but warm character at the same time. The attractions prepared for the participants will ensure that the party will provide everyone with amazing impressions and emotions. The program includes: a sensual show of a saxophonist and music of a professional DJ.  The show will be captured by a professional photographer. Guests will also have photo booths at their disposal, which will allow you to preserve memories in a simple and quick way. At the well-stocked bar, guests will be able to purchase their preferred alcoholic beverages. Delicious snacks, a sweet buffet and warm meals will provide participants with energy so that the celebration can last until late night!


Get your best dancing shoes on because this party starts as soon as the sun goes down and does not end until it comes back up again!


Just allow Gregory Gaultier to demonstrate how much fun he was having during our Finals Party after the European Team Championships 2018: