Eliasz Zientara Recovery and Physiotherapy Center is a place where you can find professional rehabilitation and wellness services. They specialize in treating sports injuries and have experience with players of most of the disciplines – from football, handball, volleyball, to speedway, martial arts, athletics, tennis and squash. What is more, physiotherapists from the Center cooperates with sports clubs in the field of effective sports recovery and injury prevention. In its work, the Center focuses on a combination of proven manual therapies and modern equipment. This is where you will find the best devices for regeneration – Recovery Pump / Therabody pressotherapy, Game Ready cryotherapy, TheraGun percussion therapy, Compex electrostimulation or the Avantopool Kinos cold bath pool.


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Centrum Regeneracji i Fizjoterapii Eliasz Zientara will support Betard WSF World Masters Squash Championship 2022 players with professional sports recovery and physiotherapy. Sports massage, pneumatic compression therapy, electrotherapy – check what kind of services will help you get in shape and load your batteries during the competition. All of them will be available at Hasta La Vista Center, without leaving a court. 


  • Recovery sessions offer for the WSF 2022 players:


Sports massage 60 min. 45 eur
Sports massage 30 min 25 eur
Recovery session: Recovery Pump/Therabody pressotherapy 30 min 20 eur
Recovery session: Recovery Pump/Therabody pressotherapy + Compex muscle stimulator 50 min 30 eur
Recovery session: Game Ready cold therapy 30 min 20 eur


Registration for recovery will be available during the tournament. If you want to book your visit today, write to us


Recovery Pump/Therabody pressotherapy


The Recovery Pump sequential compression system is particularly effective for the faster musculoskeletal recovery and recovery of people who exercise vigorously, and people with muscle aches and swollen legs, as it allows quality training to reduce the risk of injury. This way, lymphatic and blood circulation increase throughout our extremities, which helps eliminate lactic acid and residues within our metabolism. With this and an improved blood flow, we will obtain a higher amount of oxygen and nutrients in our muscles, which will allow us to decrease soreness and accelerate the reconstruction process.


COMPEX Muscle stimulator


Compex stimulators adapt to each of your muscles to provide the most effective muscle stimulation possible, while offering greater comfort and better performance. Compex has multiple post-workout programmes to jump start and accelerate your recovery phase. The different programs are designed to bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to facilitate the flush of toxins, helping you to recover faster.


Game Ready System


The combination of cold and compression therapy improve the efficiency of recovery after extreme physical exertion and injuries. Rapidly circulating ice water consistently cools the injured area, reduces swelling and muscle pain. Pneumatic compression stimulates natural muscle contractions that accelerate cellular metabolism and microcirculation.