Keep playing for each position!

At the BETARD WSF World Masters 2022 losing – even several matches – DOES NOT mean that you stop playing. We have a „play for each position” policy here!

A full monrad system (as it is formally known) means that after losing in the main draw, you are moved to another draw with players who lost in the same round as you. You then battle it out between yourselves.


For example, if you lose in the quarterfinals: 4 players advance to the semis and the 4 who lost, play in a mini-draw to decide places 5-8.


If you lost in the first round of a 64-draw, you continue playing in a new 33-64 draw.


And so on.


In draws where we had group stages, the same applies. Even if you were last in your group, you continue play in another group with other players who were last in their groups to compete for position 6-9 or 13-16.


So no need to worry after losing a match or two (or even three).


Keep fighting!


…and checking the current schedule, here.

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